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LinkCoin is available in BTC, ETH, USDT and other crypto digital currency assets.

Supports real-time trading of multiple currencies and multiple payment methods.

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Go to

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Pick your favorite digital currency

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Sign up and complete the purchase

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LinkCoin utilizes state-of-the-art microservices architecture and multi-signature technology to ensure security; merchants follow strict KYC & AML procedures and use a fair credit rating system to ensure that every transaction is conducted securely and smoothly.

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Our team members have extensive experience in the blockchain, stock exchange, investment banking, brokerage, and legal industries, and are committed to building a global, highly efficient, and secure OTC trading platform for digital assets.

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Convenient and Fast

LinkCoin supports multi-access and real-time exchange of more currencies, with an average transaction completion time of only 5 minutes, which is less than the median transaction time.

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Through continuous resource integration and strategic cooperation, the LinkCoin platform will gradually open up more compliance channels to ensure that the interests of users are maximized. We have currently been vetted and approved by industry authorisies such as Vara and SM90.

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